Hello and welcome to Our Nourished Life. My aim is to educate, share, encourage, and inspire you to take control of yours and your families health and happiness through a nourishing Traditional Foods diet, slow way of living and a more natural approach to life’s everyday ailments and illnesses with food as medicine and herbalism. I invite you to explore these pages as I share information, recipes and much more that I regularly use and hope to begin.

As a past elite distance runner for Canada and running in university in the NCAA I have always had a passion for health. It was always a task to work through and find out what truly is the best way to eat and live, debunking many myths along the way. Now living in the UK with my husband and baby, I have expanded my passion as I finish my degree in Holistic Nutrition, continue to work towards a Homeopathic Practitioner degree and utilise my Diploma in Herbalism. As a daughter of an organic farmer who specializes in ancient grains, I truly value local farming and eating.

I am beyond passionate about the health and well-being of myself and family and hold a number of beliefs about our current food system and healthcare and hope to share these with you to give you an informed choice for the health and improvement of yourself.

Please browse my blog to keep up to date with nutrition, health and a holistic lifestyle.